Monitor VM security in an openstack powered cloud

This was a study done for a course on Cloud computing. It involved the following goals:

  • Established multi-node private cloud using OpenStack (Folsom version)
  • Created and monitored victim and attacker VMs using Horizon (GUI component of OpenStack)
  • Used attacker VM to simulate following attacks on victim VM
    • Denial of Service (DoS) attack using Slow HTTP Test
    • Denial of Service on SSL port
    • Port probing using NMap (This is not a attack but the information exposed from this tool can be used in Black Hat Attack process i.e. to study system usage and behavior)
    • – ARP Spoofing using Nemisis
  • Used Nagios monitoring tool to detect DoS attack; and health of Glance, Keystone and Swift components of OpenStack.
  • Our project was selected for future independent study by [Dr. I-Ling Yen](