Cyberminer: A KWICK based search engine.

Cyberminer was a KWICK (Key word in context) based search engine developed as part of a course project for Advanced Software Architecture and Design.

Cyberminer is a search engine that utilizes the KWIC indexing system for carrying out the search. The KWIC indexing system will develop the indexes required for Cyberminer.

Cyberminer accepts input and displays list of URLs, whose description has a match to the input entered.

Input and Output

Input : List of keywords through the textbox in the User Interface.

Output: List of descriptions and URLs that are paginated and sorted in alphabetical order.

Functional Requirements

FR1: The system shall store the input as given and retrieve the input as such.

FR2: When the user clicks on the URL, which has been retrieved as the result of a query, the system shall take the user to the corresponding web site.

FR3: The system shall allow the user to specify the mode of search, using “OR”, “AND” or “NOT”.

FR4: Multiple searches shall be run concurrently.

FR5: The URLs for which the web page has been removed or no longer available and the corresponding descriptions for the URLs shall be deleted from the database.

FR6: The results of the keyword search query shall be displayed in ascending alphabetical order.

FR7: The number of pages to be displayed per page shall be set and navigation between the pages shall be enabled.

FR8: The system shall remove the symbols from the input that are not meaningful.

Non-functional requirements

NFR1: The system shall be portable.
NFR2: The system shall be understandable.
NFR3: The system shall support enhance ability.
NFR4: The system shall be user-friendly.
NFR5: The system shall be reusable.
NFR6: The system shall exhibit good performance.
NFR7: The system shall be modifiable.

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